About Us

Our Story

Hi, my name is Cristina and I am the founder of Sakura Soap Studio. Just like every other great business idea, I had an epiphany after reading the ingredients of my body wash in the shower and not recognising any of them. I always had sensitive skin and I would often have flare ups without knowing the reason why. After the terrifying thought of putting unknown chemicals on my body and not wanting to continue to use unidentified ingredients, I sought to educate myself on skincare ingredients and natural alternatives and made my first batch of soap using natural oils. 

Since becoming a qualified herbalist and skincare formulator, I have expanded the product range from that first batch of soap to all types of skincare, including deodorant pastes, face oils, whipped body butters, eye serums and lip balms.


Natural Ingredients All the Way

The goal at Sakura Soap Studio is to create a whole skincare regime using only natural materials and ingredients. We want to raise awareness of how our consumption impacts the environment and to show others that we can use products that embrace and celebrate the beauty and benefits of natural ingredients without harming the environment.

​All our ingredients are natural ingredients and by that, it means they’re derived from plants or materials that are found in nature and are certified organic as much as possible. We are proud to say that if you read the ingredient list on any Sakura Soap Studio product, most, if not all are easily recognised.